Detroit mother of 8 gets 9 years in prison for drug convictions

Janise Henry goes to prison after getting involved with drug dealer Martell Collins

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - Janise Henry is a widow and the mother of eight children.

She got hooked on prescription pills and then, in desperation, started dating her drug dealer, Martell Collins. The feds busted the operation.

Even though Henry was not part of it, the feds wanted her to do 15 years in prison.

"Our position during trial is that she was not a member of the gang, and as a matter of fact even the government witnesses said she was not a member of the gang. The gang was composed of the family members of Martell Collins," said Henry's attorney, Allen Early. "A lot of the witnesses testified that Martell would give them instructions -- the customers -- the customers would pay Martell and Martell would tell them to meet the girlfriend."

Henry showed up in court with one of her children in her arms, hoping the judge would let her go home. He did not. He sent her straight to prison for 9 years.

An aunt left the courthouse with Henry's child in her arms.

-- Martell Collins

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