Detroit mother, son robbed of $18K by fake phone company workers

Men enter home after convincing wheelchair-bound woman, mentally-challenged son that they were with phone company

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Mitchell Warren does his best to lock up the gate in front of the east Detroit home he shares with his wheelchair-bound mother, but last week the locks didn't keep thieves away.

Mitchell is mentally-challenged and does his best to protect his mother. However, on this particular day the would-be thieves who were knocking on the door said they were from the phone company. So, the Warrens let them inside their home.

"I was scared because they both had guns," said said Mrs. Warren.

Mitchell was dragged downstairs and thieves started searching for cash.

The crooks took off with $18,000. It was money Mrs. Warren was saving to buy a new home.

The armed men preyed on the most vulnerable citizens. Thankfully, police are following up on leads, increasing patrols in the area and working to show this mother and son there are good people out there who care.

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