Don't be duped by 'Sugar Tax' scam

Scam tricks parents into 'paying' to fight obesity

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - Back to school means a busy time for parents.

Moms and dads get frazzled with all the things to do at the start of the new school year and criminals are counting on you being so busy and focused on the kids you fail to realize this email is a scam.

It is called the sugar tax scam and it tells parent there is a new law on the books to fight obesity that requires parents with children in school to pay 85 cents. The email directs you to a website asking for your social security number and or credit card.

"The first thing you should do if you get the email is delete it. Once you respond, the crooks can get into your computer and install spyware," said Andy Arena, of the Detroit Crime Commission.

The thieves then use the information to steal your identity run up your debt and ruin your credit.

James Venus has three kids in the Hazel Park schools.  He said he is careful not to fall for email scams.

"I only look at emails from people I know. The rest I just throw out," he said.

The sugar or obesity tax is nothing more than a fat lie to trick busy parents into giving criminals the keys to your account during the back to school season.

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