Families clash over Jane Bashara's ashes, her mother says

Jane Bashara's mother says Bob Bashara won't turn over murdered Grosse Pointe Park woman's ashes


Last week, Local 4 Defenders cameras captured a tense scene at the Bashara house in Grosse Pointe Park.

Jane Bashara's mother, Lorraine Englebrecht, said she was locked out of her late daughter's home and unable to access some of Jane's most cherished possessions.

Now, Englebrecht is enraged because, she says, on Monday Bob Bashara's mother told her Bob would not turn over Jane's ashes.

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"Bob is controlling every piece of furniture, every dish. Even Jane's ashes," Englebrecht said. "He doesn't want Jane's ashes. And we can't have them. That's spite. That's evil."

David Griem, Bob Bashara's attorney, said as far as he knows Jane's family has had plenty of access to her belongings.

"It's my understanding that everything that is Jane's or related to Jane has been turned over to the Englebrecht family," Griem said.

However, clearly there is something not right. Jane's mother has been brought to tears. She said she is not asking for expensive rings or furs. She just wants to bury her daughter.

"I just can't tolerate much more of this," she said.

Jane Bashara's husband in jail for solicitation of murder charge

Bob Bashara is charged with solicitation of murder. He remains behind bars after his hearing was delayed on Tuesday.

Police and prosecutors say he tried top have a suspect in his wife's murder, Joe Gentz, killed while in jail.

Gentz is the only person charged with murder in Jane's death.

Bashara will return to court Aug. 7. Gentz is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 13.

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