Gas thieves block satellite with foil to use stolen credit cards in Macomb Township

Detroit men arrested for stealing gas at Macomb Township gas station

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Two Detroit men were arrested Thursday morning for using stolen credit cards at a gas station in Macomb Township.

Police say Javion Morris, 23, and 33-year-old Anthony Leak were using aluminum foil and the cards to steal more than 100 gallons of gasoline.

"It's a group thing, definitely. Usually, one goes on the pump and gets the gas. The other ones go on the roof, do the job," said a gas station employee.

The Local 4 Defenders have obtained surveillance video from the gas station which shows suspects at the pump and entering the store. While the men on the video worked to distract workers at the station, another man is on the roof working to scramble the satellite dish by wrapping it in aluminum foil.

The foil causes the transmitter at the pump to malfunction, allowing the thieves to use any credit card, stolen or expired, to "pay" for the gas. All they need is a magnetic strip to rip off the gas station.

"Within that 10 minute period you can get robbed from 10 gallons to 1,000 gallons," a gas station employee said.

Employees quickly caught on to the theft and called the Sheriff's Department who tracked down Morris and Leak. Police believe the men have hit several stations in the area.

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