Gentz's bad behavior in prison could affect Bashara trial

Joe Gentz in prison but causing problems which could affect his role as witness in Bob Bashara's trial for wife's murder

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Joe Gentz is locked up but causing big issues behind bars in New Haven.

The Local 4 Defenders have obtained documents showing Gentz has been written up twice for his bad behavior. On one occasion he was holding his cell door open as it was trying to close. He had no authorization to obstruct the door and refused to move when ordered.

On another occasion he refused to take a test that would measure his mental capacity and skills set. Because of the issues certain perks have been taken away from Gentz. He wasn't allowed to have any visitors.

Gentz also was written up earlier this year at another prison for his bad behavior. Will these issues present a problem at Bob Bashara's trial. Gentz is seen as a key witness in Bashara's trial but his behavior behind bars could be called out in court. Will he no longer be seen as a credible witness?

Meanwhile, Bashara has had his own issues behind bars. He was written up for stealing large amounts of ketchup, jelly, sugar and spoons from the prison cafeteria. He then lied to prison guards about his secret stash.

"He's going to be more restricted. He's going to be put into difficult places. He's not going to be able to take care of his defense as well. He's not concentrating on his defense. His life is going to be in turmoil as this goes on," said legal expert Todd Flood.

Gentz, who was the Bashara family handyman, took a deal and pleaded guilty to second degree murder for his role in Jane Bashara's death. Bob Bashara has pleaded not guilty to to charges he's facing in connection with his wife's murder.

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