How were Kwame Kilpatrick's civic fund donations spent?

Tuesday testimony focuses on former Detroit mayor's civic fund money trail


Local 4 Defenders cameras were rolling Tuesday as crisis manager Judy Smith left Detroit federal court after delivering her testimony in former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's trial.

Smith was brought in by Kilpatrick during the height of his text messaging scandal. She was to help Kilpatrick deal with all the negative media attention. She was paid thousands of dollars out of the city's civic fund.

Testimony focuses on money trails from Kilpatrick fund

Smith testified that the civic fund gave her charity -- a gift of $25,000.

"Probably the funds, realistically, were something that was not designated for that purpose only," said Legal Expert Todd Flood. "It was more designated for the initial purpose of building up the community, building the city, making sure the seniors were taken care of."

Smith was one of several people who took the stand on Tuesday.

Michael Narny is one of four fund managers testifying that once he got business deals with the city of Detroit he was asked to make donations to Kilpatrick's own civic fund. The donations ranged from $5,000 to $10,000. The question is, how was this money being used?

The prosecution says they know how some of it was used. More than $3,000 was spent on custom golf clubs for Kilpatrick. His name was monogrammed on the golf bag, the prosecution says.

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