Is Jimmy Hoffa buried under Roseville driveway?

Roseville police, working on tip, to dig at Roseville home in search of Jimmy Hoffa

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


Is there a body buried underneath the concrete driveway at a Roseville home?

The answer is maybe.

A tipster who claims he was in the area of Kelly Road and Florida Street back in 1975 when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared has contacted Roseville police to say he believes someone is buried near a home there. Police consider the tip credible and already have been at the site with ground-penetrating radar.

"We did find a soil anomaly beneath the concrete slab which is unexplained at this time. It could be anything. We don't know," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin.

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Police will be out in Roseville on Friday to take a core sample. That means they will drill a small hole in the concrete and get to the earth where the anomaly is and take a sample. If that sample tests positive for human remains then they will start excavating the area.

The home has changed ownership several times since 1975 and longtime neighbors back in the early 70s say there was some action there.

"People going in and out, cars coming at all hours of the night. My neighbor told me police were investigating whether a numbers operation was being run out of here," said a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.

Police say they are aware of the history of the house but will not discuss it at this time.

FBI sources tell Local 4 the story is not likely credible.

-- Roseville police have been at the home in anticipation for Friday's dig.

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