Jane Bashara's mother files police report against Bob Bashara

Lorraine Englebrecht says she's afraid of her daughter's husband, Grosse Pointe Park's Bob Bashara

DETROIT - Local 4 Defenders have learned that Lorraine Englebrecht, mother of Jane Bashara, has filed a police report stating she is afraid of Bob Bashara.

She filed the report on Mother's Day after a series of phone calls were exchanged by Lorraine and Bashara on Saturday.

According to the police report, Lorraine called Bashara requesting that he "stop dragging my daughter's name through the mud."

She was responding to comments he had made during a Dateline episode that had aired the night before.

Local 4 Defenders exclusive: Read the police report

Bashara called back twice, "trying to plead to her about his innocence."

While his comments were not direct threats, Englebrecht felt it was in the best interest to alert police.

"She thinks that he has changed mentally and he may be unstable enough to harm her," the police report reads.

Grosse Pointe Park mother found dead in January

Jane Bashara was found dead in the back of her SUV in a Detroit alley on Jan. 25. She had been reported missing the night before.

Sources say a man named Joe Gentz was forced to kill the Grosse Pointe Park mother under the order of her husband.

Gentz has been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Bob Bashara has not been charged.

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