'Magic disc' scammer remains free despite pleading guilty 2 years ago

Bernie Pavone pleaded guilty in 2011 to $80 million 'magic disc' scam but remains free

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - Bernie Pavone's amazing $80 million crime is old news. After all, it was 9 years ago when he scammed thousands of victims out of their hard-earned cash with a bogus product called "magic disc" that one uses with the computer to fix bad credit.

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What's truly amazing is that Pavone has not gone to prison for this, yet.

"Justice delayed is justice denied, has some relevance," said legal expert and former prosecutor Keith Corbett.

For seven long years Pavone fought the charges, dragging the proceedings out in court. He finally pleaded guilty in 2011. Since then, 12 times he has been scheduled for sentencing and 12 times the sentencing has been delayed.

"Defendant's not in jail yet, I don't blame the victims for being very upset," said Corbett.

The delay may be good for Pavone, who is looking at a lengthy sentence, but his victims are fed up. They say Pavone, who wrote a book about turning a life of crime into a successful business at the same time he was committing his $80 million scam, is now conning the courts by remaining free almost a decade after his crimes.

"This guy has been out for three or four years post plea, and as many as nine or 10 years since he started this scheme to rip people off ... if I were a victim I would be upset," said Corbett.

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