Man accused of planning mass murder at Ann Arbor Social Security office

Federal investigators say Ypsilanti man had enough weapons, ammunition to commit mass murder, then escape to wilderness

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Federal investigators say David Norton is a dangerous man who may have been planning a mass murder and escape into the wilderness.

The Ypsilanti man was out on bond for making violent threats against workers at an Ann Arbor Social Security office. Then, on Wednesday, Homeland Protective Services looked in the trunk of his car and found an arsenal of weapons similar to an AR-15 assault rifle, body armor, ammunition, a generator and meals ready to eat like the ones used by the military.

In court, the feds said Norton had enough weapons to kill every person at the Ann Arbor office and enough survival gear to disappear forever.

"Not only does he makes the threats but he's got the will to carry it out," said Andy Arena, of the Detroit Crime Commission.

Arena is the former head of the Detroit FBI. he says the threats were serious. The weapons brought it to another level. Norton allegedly called into the Ann Arbor office saying if he did not receive benefits for heart medicine he would have a tactical response. He faxed the office an extensive litany of alleged expert certificates in weaponry and combat. Ann Arbor residents are stunned.

Norton's attorney made a passionate plea to keep his client out on bail. The attorney said the weapons were legally purchased ago and that Norton has not touched them while out on bond.

While living with his sister, Norton was in an argument that led to a 911 call.

On Thursday, prosecutors insisted he be locked up. The judge agreed and Norton was handcuffed and hauled off to the Wayne County Jail.

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