Man claiming to be Boston bomber wants out of Detroit jail

Rodney Termini made threats on Facebook hours after Boston explosions

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - The man who claimed he was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings on Facebook, just hours after the explosions, now wants out of a Detroit jail.

The parents of Rodney Termini are rushing to his defense to help get him out of prison. Mom and dad don't want to talk to Local 4, and can you blame them, their son said he was the Boston bomber.

Just hours after the tragic attack Termini posted a threat on his Facebook page involving the Ann Arbor-based Con-Way Company. The post read, "Hee hee hee hee Ha ha ha took care of the Boston Marathon and now I take care of Con-Way in Michigan. A second post said, "there's a bomb at one of your facilities have fun finding it."

The facilities were evacuated and bomb dogs brought in; it cost Con-Way $50,000. Termini's attorney says his client was never going to act on the threats.

His parents came to court to tell the judge their son wasn't dangerous and should be let out on bond pending trial.

Termini's attorney says the Boston Marathon bombing investigation is over now and the authorities know that Termini wasn't involved, so he should be released.

The judge saw it differently saying a threat to blow up a business immediately after the bombing in Boston is terrifying.

The judge told Termini he will stay in jail where he can't make any more threats online. Termini was convicted in the 90's of making threats and if he is convicted again this time he could spent 1-1/2 years in prison.

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