Man robbed near Detroit's Greektown Casino

Violent attack downtown has Detroit residents concerned

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - It happened at Washington Boulevard and Fort Street just a few blocks from Campus Martius.

It was a violent attack and robbery, one that has Detroiters concerned for their safety.

It was right near federal court where security cameras capture everything. A man says he was approached by two armed guys. They asked for cash and he refused. So they punched him in the chest and took off with his money -- about $100 and his phone.

"Downtown, just because it's downtown it doesn't mean it's safe. But, again, the police patrol the downtown area very well," said Greg Stevens, of Detroit.

The victim took off running and made his way to the Greektown Casino where casino police called Detroit police.

"Young people are lost, you know, so they're doing unthinkable things, that's very sad in this city," said Stevens.

Police patrols have increased in the heart of downtown Detroit and private security teams can be seen in front of many buildings and even in Campus Martius.

"It's a lot more safe in the last few years with all that's going on down here and, you know, the new parking structures and the convenient parking lots, everything is lit up, it's happening downtown," said Mikey Eckstein, of Detroit.

The victim in this case was not seriously hurt. He was shaken but thankfully he was able to get help. The search started right away for those responsible, but so far no luck.

Police now are reviewing surveillance footage while hoping to get a good look at those responsible for this attack. They will work to put together a description.

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