Roseville homeowner speaks out about Jimmy Hoffa search

Roseville homeowner Pat Szpunar: 'It is just a three ring circus'

Roseville -

Local 4 Defender Hank Winchester spoke exclusively to Pat Szpunar, the Roseville homeowner where police searched for Jimmy Hoffa's body Friday.

Hank Winchester: "What is this like for you?"

Pat Szpunar: "It is ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous. It is just a three ring circus"

Hank: "What did you think when you got the call that Jimmy Hoffa's body might be in the backyard?"

Pat: "I was told that a dead body might be buried in my backyard. I looked at the police officers and said, 'Are you trying to tell me Jimmy Hoffa is buried in my backyard?' They just looked at me weird and we all started laughing. They wondered why I mentioned Jimmy Hoffa and I told them because he is the best known dead body that they've been looking for for years."

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