Video: What Tucker Cipriano told investigators after attacks at Farmington Hills home

Tucker Cipriano pleads no contest to murder charge in 2012 baseball bat beatings which killed his father

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Tucker Cipriano broke down as he was questioned by police.

He was wrapped in a blanket and distraught while telling investigators what, he says, happened the night and and his friend Mitchell Roderick Young broke into the Ciprianos' Farmington Hills home.

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Investigator: So, the first part of the fight was more physical or, did Roderick come out from behind there with a baseball bat and start swinging?

Tucker: I don't think he ever hit him. It was just the baseball bat.

Investigator: OK. And you grabbed your dad and he started hitting him in the head?

Tucker: Yeah.

Investigator: And he hit him a bunch of times?

Tucker: Yeah a bunch.

The police interview was recorded shortly after detectives tracked Tucker down in the hours after the attack which left his father, Bob Cipriano, dead and his mother and brother severely injured.

Investigator: Did he hit him while he was on the ground? Or just while he was standing?

Tucker: He hit him on the ground. I think all of them were hit on the ground.

Local 4 is sharing only the parts read on the record in court on Monday.

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Tucker Cipriano said his father was the first victim and his mother, Rose, was the next.

Investigator: Then, your mom comes down ... and Roderick starts hitting her? Now you said ...

Tucker: He hit her once., he hit her once.

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