Delta Air Lines employee accused of selling flight vouchers on black market

Customer service agent at Metro Airport charged along with friend in alleged vouchers scheme

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DETROIT - A Delta Air Line's employee is accused of selling travel vouchers on the black market in order to pay back her debt to a friend.

A criminal complaint filed Saturday alleges employee Alicia Parris stole the vouchers which are valued around $200 and $1,000 each. Parris worked as a part-time customer service agent at Metro Airport.

The vouchers were intended for customers who experienced delays or problems while flying with Delta.

The complaint says Parris went onto Delta's computer system to steal the vouchers and gave them to friend Michael Thomas. Thomas than sold them to buyers for half the price.

Paris admitted to investigators that she owed Thomas $1,000 from an old loan. She is accused of giving Thomas between 60-100 travel voucher numbers and passenger information associated with them.

Thomas would than log into Delta's website and change the name on the voucher to the buyer's name. Delta Air Lines says the company losses totaled $52,000.

The pair were charged with two counts of fraud and could face up to 20 years in prison is convicted.

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