Dental patients' info dumped outside building on Detroit's east side

Eviction notice posted on Kelly Plaza Dental Clinic

Personal patient information from a dental office on Detroit's east side has been dumped out in the open.

A tip call lead Local 4 to go find the pages of patient data that is sitting inside a dumpster outside the Kelly Plaza Dental Center, which is on Kelly Road near Whittier Street.

There is an eviction notice from the 36th District Court posted on the building. It's dated from Tuesday.

Michael Binion said he saw bailiffs loading a dumpster Tuesday. He described what he was finding inside the dumpster.

"I got life insurance policies, time cards, everything. Kids dental records, family records you can't be identified. A lot of information is up to date," Binion said.

The dental practice had belonged to Dr. Wilbert Purifoy, who died about seven years ago.  But his practice has continued.  Current patient Lakayesha Shepard and her children are patients. She said she is concerned.

"My little kids, their identities could be stolen as well as mine," Shepard said.

Office manager Ebenezer Yirenchi blamed the dumping of the patient files on a dental assistant who was fired this week. Yirenchi said old records were tossed out but no current patient information is lost.

"I got in the dumpster myself and took every box out," Yirenchi said.

The Michigan Board of Dental Licensing may look into the situation, to see who might be responsible and get assurances that all records are being protected.