Designer Diaper Trend Here To Stay

Diaper Companies Rolling Out New Designs

DETROIT - The number of babies being born across the U.S. is has been declining for years so diaper makers are forced to get creative. A recent USA Today article highlights efforts to boost sales since the baby boom decline.

Huggies rolled out one of the newest designer diapers on store shelves. It's a camouflaged diaper that's rolling out at Walmart stores nationwide. Stores will sell the diapers for the next three months. For every package of the special camo diapers sold, Huggies says it will donate one diaper to a military family in need. The vice president of Kimberly-Clark, which makes Huggies, Eric Seidel is quoted as saying Walmart asked Huggies for the camo diaper because camo was a popular pattern in other children's products.

This isn't Huggies first time designing a specialty diaper. Last year Huggies launched its jean-print diaper line. That line reportedly sold 60 million.

As USA Today reports, Pampers rolled out a floral print. Pampers is also planning roll out a new limited-edition argyle print for boys. And the eco-friendly diaper company gDiapers released a ruffle diaper for girls.

The designer diapers typically cost more and parents get fewer diapers in a packages.

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