Detroit bike shop owner catches chaos of crash on camera

Man flees scene, 2 women seen hiding box in bushes

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Only Local 4 News has the video that is sure to be the talk of the town. 

At 1:44 Thursday morning, multiple cameras at the Bike Tech shop on East Warren near Mack in Detroit show an out of control Dodge Dakota pickup failing to make the turn at the corner.

WATCH THE RAW: Pickup slams into bike shop

The woman behind the wheel takes out a bike display that's sat on the corner for years and then slams directly into the bike shop's front doors. 

An alarm went off, alerting the shop's owner -- who then began to monitor what happened next right from his home computer. 

A man can be seen exiting the passenger side of the pick up truck and he quickly runs away. 

Next, the truck's driver, a young woman, she gets out of the smoking truck and tries to push the truck back into the street. She then slams her fist on the hood of the truck to get her other friend out of the truck.


Another young woman exits the truck and appears to vomit. 

The two friends look decked out in party attire and the cameras capture everything they did next, including what may be several additional crimes caught on camera.

The driver and her friend begin to pick pieces of the damaged truck, likely desperate to not leave too much evidence behind.

Then, the two seem to focus on what's most important to them: They secure a box and begin to hid the box in nearby bushes.

Brian Pikielek owns the bike shop and watched the incident unfold on his security cameras.

He said he thinks the box is a 12-pack of beer or a box of liquor bottles.

The trio left behind one large piece of evidence: The pickup truck itself. It's being held in a tow yard by police, who did find beer bottles inside.

Police said they have the name of the pickup's owner and it appears her daughter may have been the one who was behind the wheel during the crash. But no charges have yet been filed.

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