Detroit boy killed by touching downed wire has organs donated

Parents of 14-year-old Malik Shelton say they want his death to help others

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - Betty Arlington and Angelo Shelton lost their son, 14-year-old Malik Shelton, after he was electrocuted when he touched a downed wire on his way home from school.

The teen's battle for life lasted an entire week before he took his last breath. Malik's friends tried to save him.

"If it wasn't for them my son wouldn't have been here for as long as he was," said Arlington. "So they gave me extra time to spend with him before he left me."

While Malik's parents were at the hospital they made the inspiring decision to help give life through their son by donating his heart and liver.

"I won't be able to hug my baby. I won't be able to kiss my baby, but somebody else might have that chance," said Arlington.

Malik loved to dance and play video games but most of all, his parents said, he loved to eat. All of it is a memory for his parents because of one terrible accident.

"Warn your children, constantly warn them not to touch those wires. Constantly. See Malik, he was just being a kid. He didn't know that wire was going to hurt him," said Arlington.

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