Detroit bridge company president says Gateway Project work can be finished

State and DIBC continue to point fingers over unfinished work

DETROIT - Representatives with the Detroit International Bridge Company say the Gateway Project can be completed, but the State needs to take action.

During a news conference Wednesday, the DIBC said the controversy all surrounds two issues.

The first is an unfinished ramp from the bridge to Interstate 75 and Interstate 96. The ramp has sat unfinished for months and the bridge company says it's the state's job to finish it.

On the other hand, the state says the contract calls for ownership of the land to be transferred to the company so they can finish the project.

"DIBC offered to build it, at its expense, and MDOT refused," said Dan Stamper, president of the DIBC.

The second issue is trucks coming from Canada and getting onto the freeways. A two-lane road is partially finished, but right now trucks have to drive onto nearby Fort Street, and the extra traffic is frustrating local residents.

At the center of this issue is the possible construction of a separate ramp that would lead to a second bridge to Canada.

The bridge company says it wants to build the bridge privately, while the state officials say they need to do it.

"The second bridge is what's behind the break down in communication (with the state)," Stamper said.

Stamper and 84-year-old Manuel "Matty" Moroun were sent to jail by a judge last week and ordered to finish the project.

An appeal on that order is set for Feb. 2.

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