Detroit business owner offers job to thieves if they return stolen materials worth thousands

DGV Contracting has lost $60,000 worth of materials in six months

DETROIT - A brazen robbery was caught on surveillance camera as thieves targeted DGV Contracting on Detroit's west side and took tens of thousands of dollars' worth of materials and tools.

Contractor Dan Villareal is trying to rehab the neighborhood, but he can't seem to catch a break.

"These aren't just regular crooks (or) one-time hits," Villareal said. "These are people who are targeting us."

He said most crooks would be deterred by his barbed wire, security cameras and gated front door.

"We took a lot of measures to prevent the break in, but I guess we didn't think of every hole they could get into," Villareal said.

The crooks used the window of a neighboring business to get inside.

"They broke the window, and they were able to push the drywall down and gain entry into the building," Villareal said.

Surveillance video shows the men getting in through the steel-door garage.

"You can see right here, the pry marks," Villareal said.

They stole $10,000 worth of materials, such as doors and tools -- and this isn't the first incident.

"We lost over $60,000 in a six-month period," Villareal said.

He said he feels helpless and just wants his stuff back, so he's making an offer to the thieves.

"The police are great, hardworking people, but you get limited help from them," Villareal said. "We'll give you a job. I'll honestly give whoever did it a job."

Villareal said just like he's giving the community a second chance by rehabbing homes, he wants to give the thieves another chance.

"It's OK to make a mistake," Villareal said. "We're human. It's what you do next that defines who you are."

The surveillance video shows the thieves loading items into a truck with Rokay Floral Inc. on it. The owner of the company said Rokay Floral has nothing to do with the crime. He said they got rid of their large trucks years ago, but didn't remove the logos.

"I can assure you with 100 percent accuracy that Rokay Floral, any Rokay Floral employee, or any vehicle that Rokay Floral currently owns had nothing to do with this crime," Rob Stogdill said in a Facebook message. "Rokay Floral, a small business with locations in Plymouth and Battle Creek had zero to do with this crime, has investigated it internally, called the Plymouth police and have cooperated with law enforcement and with the victim to the best of our ability."

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