Detroit City Council awaits decision on emergency financial manger

Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown says real problem city faces is not money

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor

DETROIT - When the review team issues its report, possibly Tuesday, the surprise would be if it recommends Detroit should not have an emergency financial manager.

To many, it seems inevitable. On Monday, Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown said while the focus is on finances, the real problem is not the money.

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"The easier part of all of this is fixing the finances. It's lining up revenues with expenses. That's the easy part. The hard part is going into every city department and fixing the management," said Brown.

An emergency manager certainly would have an easier time with that -- being able to dictate rather than negotiate. As far as money, the city has long-term debt in excess od $12 billion.

While Brown remains against the idea of an emergency financial manager, he says the state of Michigan's intervention in some form is unavoidable.

"The state has to either help us do it, or they come in and do it themselves. They're going to have to bring in additional dollars and resources in order to do it. So, that's going to be the question. Does the governor want to do it more efficiently, more effectively with an emergency manager, or does he want to work with elected officials that we have in place?" said Brown.

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