Detroit City Council OKs furlough days for non-union city employees

Cutbacks part of mayor's plan to save city from deep deficit

DETROIT - Non-union employees working in the city of Detroit will soon be taking unpaid days off.

The Detroit City Council on Friday voted 6-3 to approve furlough days that are effective Feb. 1.

"Our original request of City Council was to approve furloughs of one day per week, or 20 percent of compensation, so that we would not have to go back and ask again.  However, the Council's approval of one day per pay period, or 10 percent of compensation, is adequate at this time.  We anticipate that we will furlough approximately 1,250 non-union employees, with no disruption in City services. These furloughs could start as early as Feb. 11. I expect the savings to the General Fund to be approximately $500,000 a month," said Bing in a statement Friday. "We have come to an agreement with Lansing on the release of $20 million held in escrow by the State.  The release of these funds will occur at my discretion."

The move is part of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's cutback plans to offset a $90-million deficit.

Six hundred and twenty five employees will have to take one furlough day every two weeks.

The measure is expected to save the city about $250,00 a month.

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