Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem Cushingberry was driving on suspended license

George Cushingberry Jr.'s driver's license suspended while he owes parking tickets

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


Surveillance video obtained by the Local 4 Defenders shows Detroit City Council President Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr. behind the wheel of his car this past Thursday.

What's captured on the video could mean big trouble for the newly-elected Detroit leader, here's why:

Last week, Cushingberry was pulled over by Detroit police. Officers found an empty bottle of booze and marijuana in his car. A police supervisor arrived on scene and Cushingberry flashed his City Council ID and was allowed to leave.

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Now, that Detroit police supervisor is under investigation by the Detroit Police Department's Internal Affairs division.

According to documents obtained by the Defenders, not only should Cushingberry have been stopped but he also should have been arrested.

The Secretary of State documents reveal Cushingberry does not have a valid driver's license. One of the reasons his license was suspended is because he has racked up so many parking tickets on the city of Detroit. He owes the bankrupt city big money.

Cushingberry didn't answer his phone or door when the Defenders reached out to him for comment. His attorney did comment.

"It always behooves the process for the individual to make statements at the appropriate time and that doesn't frustrate or bring a lack of integrity to this individual by any stretch," said Cushingberry's attorney, Todd Russell Perkins.

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