Detroit city employment fact sheet

  • City pays over $2.5 million in un-reimbursed salary and benefits to full-time and part-time union officials.  Unions must now reimburse.
  • City implemented 10% wage reduction.
  • City eliminated merit and step increases (except for DPOA).
  • City discontinued bonus vacation days. 
  • City employees were allowed two sick banks with unlimited accumulations.  City froze future accumulations in Reserve Bank and sapped Current bank at 300 hours.
  • Transfers and promotions previously based on seniority will now also be based on various factors, including education level, expertise, performance, attendance, training and work/discipline history.
  • City previously provided Supplemental Unemployment benefits beyond those required by law. Supplemental unemployment benefits discontinued under CETs.
  • Previous shift premium pay ranged from $.75 to $1.10.  The City will now pay $.25 (afternoon); and $.50 (night).
  • Longevity Pay (bonus) for long-time employees eliminated.
  • Holiday

    pay reduced from 2x to 1 ½ x.

  • The City designated additional days, including certain election days as holidays.  This practice is discontinued.
  • Payout of sick time for retirees accrued after effective date of CET has been eliminated.
  • The City discontinued the tuition reimbursement program.
  • Instituted 80/20 cost sharing on medical benefits.
  • Retirement:  reduced multiplier to 1.5x and eliminated escalator (annual increase of retirement payments).


Significant DPOA Specific CETs


  • Police Reserves: Broaden right to use police reserves without prior restriction which limited them to doing things that were not "core duties" of police.
  • Civilianization: City may now use civilians in positions currently held by police officers (i.e. including payroll, mechanic, and janitorial functions).


Significant DPCOA Specific CETs

  • Members are now treated as executive at-will employees and may be de-appointed by Chief of Police.
  • Bachelor's degree required for appointment to Commander.


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