Detroit Dog Rescue removes dogs from woman's home

Woman said she was trapped in home because of dogs in neighborhood

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - A woman said she was trapped in her home by two roaming pit bulls.

Local 4 coordinated rescue efforts of the dogs who have been left to fend for themselves at a home on the city's north east side.

Jessica Rainer first alerted Local 4 to the problem on her street at Lappin and Mapleview. That's near 7 Mile and Schoenherr.  As she was speaking, two adult pit bulls came out of the home next door and started circling her.

"I'm afraid to leave my house for work in the morning because of these dogs."  Rainer said. The dogs were pets. Now they appear to have been abandoned by the couple living next door. "I asked the woman there why she lets her dogs roam free. She told me she couldn't handle them anymore." Rainer said.

To make matters worse, the home where the dogs were kept burned this past Friday. The couple left the home and has not returned. The home's doors are open and they left the pit bulls behind. The dogs come and go as they please, looking for food.  Rainer doesn't want to be attacked. She says she's been dealing with the dogs for months and has her husband escort her from her driveway into her home when she comes home from work.

Local 4 was back at the home Monday morning and the dogs can be seen inside the burned out home, sitting on a couch.

The group "Detroit Dog Rescue" saw Local 4's reports on the dogs and Mrs. Rainer this morning on Local 4 Today.

The group removed the dogs from the home.

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