Detroit dry cleaners suddenly closes when owner goes to jail

Singleton Cleaners on Gratiot Avenue closes suddenly; customers want their clothes

DETROIT - Lavada Osby says she's been left high and dry.

"I been coming up here everyday," she said. "I want my coat. I want my clothes out of here. That's all I want."

Now she's heated.

"I think it's very very wrong. I want my stuff," she said. The Singleton Cleaners on Gratiot Avenue is locked up. The owner is nowhere to be found.

"First of all we work hard to try to get the money to get our clothes out. Then when we get the money to get it out we can't cause the people not even here. When you running a business you don't run it like that," said Osby.

So customers have been going to the other Singleton Cleaners on Mt. Elliott and Preston, trying to figure out what's going on.

Local 4 did some digging and guess where the owner, Darryl Singleton, is? In jail. Sources tell Local 4 he's doing time at Dickerson for a friend of the court issue.

"I don't care if he in jail or whatever, whatever. There should be somebody else here," said Osby.

Customers just want to get behind the bars at the shop to get their stuff.

"I'm getting a lawyer. I'm getting lawyer. Because I have precious things in there that I value."

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