Detroit family fed up with attacks on home

Home on Allendale Street firebombed

By Lauren Podell - Reporter


A family on Detroit's west side say attacks on their home have become too much to handle.

"I'm afraid to stay home and I am afraid to leave my home," said Sharron, whose home was firebombed overnight.

Sharron, her two children and husband have lived in a home on Allendale Street that's been their family for more than 60 years. But they've packed their bags, are staying with family and might not be going back after their home has been targeted by crime for the fourth time in months.

"Our home has been invaded three times in the past few months, and it's not just mine, the entire neighborhood feels like prisoners in their own homes," Sharron said.

Around midnight on Monday, the Detroit Fire Department's arson investigators confirmed an attempted firebombing took place in the 5000 block of Allendale Street. Three smoked out bottles were found on the front lawn. The home's main window was smashed, but everyone got out safely.

"We heard the crack of the glass and looked out the window and saw the flames," Sharron said. "I sent my kids to the basement because I didn't know how bad it was outside." 

Just last week, Sharron and her husband pulled up in their driveway and saw three men with crow bars in between their home and their neighbors. 

"We snuck up on them and scared them away with gunfire, we've been forced to protect ourselves and I would do it again to protect my family," she said.

Sharron feels like the firebombing was in retaliation to that attempted break-in.

For now, Sharron and her family are living with her parents until they decide what to do next. 

"I am afraid to do anything these days, the police always respond in minutes but I can't stay there anymore," she said. 

Sharron said Detroit police have taken finger prints and collected evidence from her home and believes that police need to follow up better with the crime plaguing their neighborhood.

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