Detroit family wants hit-and- run driver found

Victim of Detroit hit-and-run in intensive care after being left in street last week


The family of a Detroit man severely injured by a hit and run driver wants that driver found.

It was this past Friday when 58-year-old Kevin Hampton, the father of three children, was crossing West McNichols Road near Snowden Street on Detroit's west side.  He was struck by a car that sped off. It is believed Hampton remained injured on the street for hours before a passerby called 911 and he was taken to Sinai-Grace Hospital.

His father, Robert Hampton, finds it difficult to believe someone could just drive off, leaving his son lying there.

"I feel bad about his having to lay there for all that time before someone thought about getting him to a hospital," Hampton said.

Kevin Hampton is in intensive care with several broken bones and head injuries.

Rev. Horace Sheffield is a lifelong friend of Kevin Hampton. He said the family was worried when Kevin could not be located Saturday morning. They learned what happened after making a call to Sinai-Grace Hospital.

Rev. Sheffield says the family is hurting.

"Someone used a vehicle to harm him, maybe not deliberately, but the effect it has had on his family and friends is traumatic and I just want whoever did this come forward," Sheffield said.

Police have not yet located any witnesses.  They ask anyone who has information about this hit and run accident to contact the Detroit police department.

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