Detroit firefighters save man from house fire on Taylor Street

Man safely pulled from attic in house fire on west side of Detroit

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - A man was rescued Friday morning from a burning home in Detroit.

The fire broke out at a home on the 100 block of Taylor Street near Second Avenue. When firefighters arrived they heard that a man was still inside.

Firefighters pulled out the ladder truck and rescued the man from the second floor of his home. It was a moment the man in the house will never forget.

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"It is really crazy, especially a couple of days after Christmas. We walked together. We talked together all the time," said Donyell Hackett.

Hackett identified this man in the burning house as his friend Wayne.

"We salute each other every morning since we were in the service, " said Hackett.

Hackett says he ran out of his house when he saw the smoke coming from his neighbors home.

"I kept looking around and I didn't see him. So I kept saying there is someone in there because he is not there," said Hackett.

Firefighters found Wayne on the second floor and they helped him out to an ambulance.

His neighbor was waiting there to see his friend.

"He said everything is going to be fine. I gave him a hug," said Hackett.

Rescuing the man was not easy. Firefighters say the snow and the cold made it difficult.

But, Detroit firefighters say they don't back down when a life is on the line.

"When we know someone is inside everybody is rushing in that house. We are trying to be safe. We are trying to be smart so no one gets hurt," Battalion Chief Steve Kirschner

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

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