Detroit gas station clerk formally charged in fatal shooting

Ibrahim Saleh accused of shooting Michael Haynes Saturday over dispute

DETROIT - A Detroit gas station attendant accused of fatally shooting a customer in a dispute over the price of condoms was arraigned Wednesday on a first-degree murder charge.

Ibrahim Saleh, 23, is charged with first-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says Michael Haynes was shot in the back early Saturday morning after knocking over shelves of merchandise at the station, which is at Fenkell and Meyers. She says there was a dispute over the price of condoms sold at the station. Haynes was charged $1.50 and argued he should have only been charged $1.

Worthy says Haynes was shot after Saleh stepped out from an area protected by bulletproof glass.

"Judge, this case is far from murder 1. I have it on video," said defense attorney Todd Flood in court.

Flood is trying to get the charge down to manslaughter.

Rada Haynes, the mother of the victim, said she wants to see justice.

"I don't want that animal that killed my son to ever get out of prison," Haynes said,.

Worthy says store video will be evidence in the case.

The case also involves allegations by the victim's friends against Sinai-Grace Hospital.

Haynes' friends say when they took him to the emergency room of the hospital, they had a confrontation with security personnel, who pepper sprayed and handcuffed them.

Leland McRay, attorney for the Haynes family, talked about that incident.

"There's been a total wall put up between the hospital and the family and that is where their son expired. And that seems to me to be inexcusable," said McRay.

Dr. Reginald Eadie, president of Sinai Grace Hospital, talked about that emergency room altercation.

"We have a commitment to maintain a safe environment. And we're going to do just that," Eadie said.

The hospital president said security video shows the confrontation was over and Haynes was given treatment within three minutes.  He did not explain why the security staff had to take action.

 -- Family members of Michael Haynes speak to the media.

-- Protestor rally outside the gas station against the violence


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