Detroit girls recall frightening moments during home break-in

Girls were alone at grandmother's house when masked man broke in, stole some items

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Three young girls, all cousins, have quite a story to tell after a masked man broke into their grandmother's west Detroit home.

"All I hear is footsteps and I hear the door slam, so I hurry up and run in the bathroom and I grab the phone, I run in the bathroom and I tell them somebody's in the house," said 11-year-old Philandra Browning.

The girls were playing games in the living room when the man stormed into the house.

"I did not know what to do. This is the first time I ever been through a break-in, this never happened," said 11-year-old Chardae Henton.

The kids were left alone for just minutes as the adults went to a nearby MLK event.

"We looked out the door and all we saw was him. We saw him peeking around the corner to see if anyone was in the house, and then we ran down into the basement and we heard wrestling and stuff," said 10-year-old Maya Henton.

The children called grandma for help and she was back at the home within seconds. However, by the time she returned the masked man was gone, as were some of her precious jewels.

"I think he needs to be arrested," said Maya.

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