Detroit grandmother victim of hit-and-run

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - It was not unusual for Jacquline Mitchell to walk to her neighborhood party store.

The 71-year-old grandmother was in eyesight of the store last Friday night when she was hit by a car at crosswalk at Hayes Street and Seymour Street on Detroit's East Side.

Her granddaughter, Tamikia Davis, says the driver took off.

"My family and I have not slept. We're angry. We're distraught," Davis said.

Police say it wasn't just one car that struck Mitchell.

She was run over two more times while good Samaritans were trying to come to her rescue.

"The first truck that hit my grandmother kept going. The last car that dragged my grandmother across the street kept going," Davis said.

Davis says the driver of the second car did stop and tried to help her grandmother.
The man and two women in the third car, a light-colored 4-door Cadillac, stopped after the crash and then kept going.

The victim's family wants the people who drove off to come forward.

"They may not have meant to do it and probably are just scared but we need some information," said Anisha Bailey, Mitchell's granddaughter.

There will be a vigil Thursday at 8 p.m. at the crash scene.

The family is asking for donations for funeral expenses at Clora Funeral Home at 5801 E 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI.

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