Detroit identity thieves caught in Alabama, up to 117 identities stolen

Damon Haneline, Duvuan Holiday-Seegars arrested

By Shawn Ley - Reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Two Detroit residents were caught in Birmingham, Ala. after buying merchandise paid for with gift cards bought with stolen identities. 

Walmart security became suspicious when they observed Damon Haneline and Duvuan Holiday-Seegars repeatedly coming back into the store, using different registers to check out. Upon investigation, authorities found evidence of up to 117 different stolen identities in their rental car. 

Some victims of identity theft want an example to be made of the two in order to send a message to others who might consider identity theft.

Others aren't so vigilant, citing their school experience and potential futures.

Haneline was an honors student at Mumford High School who has several credits at Michigan State University, and Holiday-Seagars had also started college. They have both pleaded guilty and are asking for mercy.

"You'd hate to take a young person's life and throw that young person's life away just because they engaged in a series of bad acts." said WDIV legal expert and identity theft victim Neil Rockind.

Prosecutors pushed for 18 months of jail time, while the defense asked for only a day. The judge decided on six months, with a much harsher sentence if the two violate parole. 

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