Detroit jazz musician says prized saxophones stolen from his car

Jazz artist, Saxappeal, says his saxophones were stolen out of his car in downtown Detroit

By Shawn Ley - Reporter


Thieves have put a stop to the music of the jazz artist known as Saxappeal.

LaDarrell Johnson said his two prized saxophones were stolen out of his car in downtown Detroit over the weekend.

"Everything that I need to bring home the bacon, has all been taken away," said LaDarrell Johnson.

Johnson has bee playing since he was seven years old and is considered a rising star in the jazz world. 

He produces and performs his own music with his black onyx alto saxophone and a brushed gold tenor saxophone.   He was also named one of Crain's Detroit Business "20 in their 20s" list to watch this year.

Johnson had parked his car around the corner from the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Detroit while he and his wife were celebrating his birthday.

"I have a history with those horns, they're like my babies. So for something like that to be taken away, it's almost like a kidnapping," said Johnson.

In fact, Johnson named the black onyx sax 'Ebony' and his son named the tenor sax "Nini."

Johnson said the thieves took about $12,000 in goods from him including his laptop, an iPad, keyboard and other expensive equipment.

"The horns that I have, nobody else here has here in the States. It's definitely a personal horn," said Johnson.

Johnson needs the saxophones returned to him so he can fulfill his obligations including a show in Las Vegas on Friday and another one back in Detroit on Saturday.

Johnson told Local 4 he has been checking with local pawn shops to see if anyone has tried to sell his instruments. He also said his iPad sent him a message using the "Find My iPad" tracking technology. 

He has given that information to police.

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