Detroit mayor, San Francisco mayor make wager on World Series

Dave Bing, Edwin Lee wager day of community service for losing team's mayor

DETROIT - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing had a competitive, yet friendly, exchange Wednesday with San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee over who would win the World Series.

Both appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter, praising their respective teams' abilities.

The Mayor of the losing city will travel to the winning city for a day of community service and a tour of important businesses based in that city.

If the Tigers win, Lee will come to Detroit to tour the Chevy Volt factory -- and learn more about Detroit's leadership of the electric vehicle segment, as well as other innovative high-tech companies in Detroit. Lee will also participate in a day of service on behalf of the youth of Detroit.

If the Giants win, Bing will travel to San Francisco to speak with young people in the Junior Giants program, and also to tour high-tech companies that have brought prominence to San Francisco.

"I'm looking to come out to San Francisco at another time and not because of the outcome of this series but because I'm pretty sure that we're going to win this series," Bing said.

The Detroit mayor touted the team's powerful pitchers, Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and strong team spirit.

Lee and Bing both have mustaches, which they said they were not willing to shave if their team lost.

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