Detroit Mayoral candidates beginning planning for November election

Duggan, Napoleon consider issues that strike close to home for voters

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - It was nothing short of remarkable that Mike Duggan not only won the primary as a write in candidate, but he won it handily. That was the primary. They are now going to hit the reset button and start this campaign over. .

Tuesday night Benny Napoleon gave giving a peek into how this race will go between now and November. "Unfortunately it's going to be a brutal racially tinged campaign."

Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley says we need to buckle our seatbelts.  "He said last night it's about the downtown vs. the neighborhoods, that's pretty good code for black vs. white."

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The Free Press' Steven Henderson says Benny might want to find a new message. "His message was I'm a Detroiter, I'm black vote for me. It didn't play on primary day. He's got to expand that message for a different base with something different."

Detroiters Local 4 spoke with who voted yesterday are hoping race is not a focal point. "Do you think race will play a part? No, people understand it's not the color of your skin it's the content of their character."

So now what? Benny Napoleon no doubt spent some time Wednesday considering all of these issues - perhaps finding a way to appeal more to current Duggan supporters and looking at how he can differentiate himself from the clear frontrunner.


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