Detroit Medical Center offering to train Detroit firefighters on CPR

Few Detroit firefighters have had CPR training

By Mia Cuesta - Producer

DETROIT - Local 4 was there when Detroit firefighters pulled 6-year-old Miguel Chavez and 4-year-old Julio Chavez out of their burning home in Southwest Detroit in January.

With no EMS unit nearby, firefighters were forced to perform CPR on the boys while simultaneously rushing them to the hospital in a fire truck.

Sadly, Miguel Chavez didn't make it.

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Days later, Cathy June, manager of the DMC'S community training center, discovered that very few Detroit firefighters have CPR training.

If they do, they haven't had a refresher course in many years.

"I was a little surprised," she said.

June's own CPR instructors with the DMC were so disturbed that they called Detroit's fire chief with an offer to re-train firefighters. She says the Fire Department told her that 600 employees, basically the entire fire department, needed the training.

DMC's 250 instructors and their eight sister hospitals are onboard to provide the space needed for the classes. Wayne State Medical School also wants to help.

All that Fire Department needs to do is buy $17 worth of training materials for each firefighter. However, will the department have the money? Also, will they be able to organize their firefighters to go to training on duty? They have no money to pay them overtime to go to their CPR classes.

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