Detroit mom believes family pet was stolen from yard

East English Village family looking for Teacup Yorkie they say was snatched from their front yard

DETROIT - An east side Detroit family believes their dog was stolen from their yard.

Sherry Avery, who lives in East English Village, said she was watching her daughter's dog Sasha when she was snatched Monday.

"I feel really bad because it's my daughter's dog. She's at college, I'm supposed to be baby-sitting a dog and I failed her," said Sherry Avery, Arnita's mother.

Avery said on Monday night Sasha, a Teacup Yorkie, wandered into the front yard.  

"Sasha wandered somewhere here in this area of the yard and someone seen her and they picked her up," said Sherry Avery.

Sherry Arnita said when she went to get Sasha, she was no where to be found.

"Someone has came and said they spotted four young children in the area, this is the East English Village, with the dog and they were trying to sell the dog," said Sherry Avery.

Avery's daughter Arnita feels like she lost her best friend.

"I feel heart broken. I just want her back I had since I was a 12th-grader in high school," said Arnita Avery.

The Avery's have filed a report with the Detroit Police Department, they have also put up fliers all over their community, and have gone door-to-door asking if anyone has seen their dog.

"It's like taking your child, kidnapping your child and not knowing out in the world which way they went, who has her, or who is taking care of them," said Sherry Avery.

The Avery's have asked if anyone knows the whereabouts of their dog to call 313-377-3376

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