Detroit mother, daughter want to thank good Samaritans for helping girl at Comerica Park

Strangers helped family July 4 at Comerica Park when girl's leg went numb

DETROIT - A Detroit mother and her daughter want to say thank you to two people who helped them July 4 at Comerica Park.

Cassandra Emerson was with her two daughters at the Detroit Tigers game when 10-year-old Olivia said she could not feel her left leg.

Olivia said two guardian angels suddenly showed up to help.

"He took her pulse and he talked to her and I can't even remember his name, and his wife, they both just stepped into action," Emerson said.

The unknown good Samaritans then guided Cassandra Emerson and her daughters through the crowded concourse.

 "She just started pushing people out o the way, she just said coming through, emergency, coming through, and if people didn't move, she moved them," Emerson said.

Oliivia Mitchell has since seen doctors, who have diagnosed her as having Pandas Syndrome, a strep bacterial infection that attacks the brain. The infection is being treated, but Olivia needs physician and speech therapy to get back to normal,.

Olivia said it is difficult for her now because other children tease her and tell her she is faking the symptoms.

The situation weighs heavily on Cassandra Emerson.

"It's hard to see a child sick and you can't help her," Emerson said.

It might take as long as two years for Olivia Mitchell to complete treatment and return to normal health and activities.

Cassandra Emerson hopes the mystery EMTs who helped her and her daughter see her story on Local 4 and ClickOnDetroit and get in touch with the family so they can say thanks.

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