Detroit mother feared 16-month-old girl was in carjacked Jeep

Mother of 2 sets of twins carjacked at gas station on Grand River Avenue

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Vernal Byrd said his granddaughter is a young mother with her hands full.

"Both of them, and her feet, too," he said.

Chaquita Byrd was carjacked Friday morning. She told police her little girl, Matty Mae, was taken right along with her Jeep.

That set in motion a wild search for the 16-month-old girl. Byrd's grandfather explained Chaquita Byrd has two sets of twins -- two 16-month-old girls and twin 3-month-olds. The babies were with her when she was carjacked at a gas station on Grand River Avenue.

The thieves left her twin babies behind. However, police were told that Matty Mae was still in the stolen Jeep.

"The victim indicated that there was one child left in the car," said Capt. Harold Roche, Detroit police.

Police went to the Byrd house searching for who they believed was the missing child.

"They were looking for (Matty Mae) and I said, 'Oh no, (she's) here with the other one, in the house. I showed them to them and they took a picture," said Vernal Byrd.

The mother apparently didn't notice that her grandfather took the girl out of the SUV before she left the house.

"If you go to a service station and put gas in your car, you cannot leave children inside the vehicle, ever. For not even 30 seconds. You can never leave children inside the vehicle," said Roche.

Police found the stolen vehicle along with a weapon, and have taken two people into custody. They are currently looking for a third suspect. 

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