Detroit mother held in connection with 8-year-old girl's stabbing death

Police say 8-year-old Detroit girl was found stabbed, no charges announced yet


Detroit police said the 26-year-old mother of an 8-year-old girl who was found stabbed to death Sunday morning is being held in connection with her daughter's death.

Neighbors, family and friends gathered Tuesday night to honor the young girl with a candlelight vigil.

Police said the girl, who family identify as Tameria Greene, had been stabbed once in the chest. She was found dead early Sunday morning at the Martin Luther King Apartments in the 2200 block of E. Larned Street.

"I have four kids myself. I don't understand how somebody could do that to their child," said Jennifer, a neighbor at the apartment complex.

Neighbor Kim Atta Craigmiles said she heard the screams Sunday morning.

"Piercing screaming that I couldn't ignore. I had to get out of bed. So, I walked in and, low and behold, the little girl was laying on the floor and the young lady was already there pressing the wound."

Craigmiles says the mother told her the girl stabbed herself while making a sandwich. Craigmiles doesn't believe it.

"But she did not. I'm looking, I do see bread, but where's the meat? There's no meat on the counter. There's no peanut butter on the counter," she said.

The mother has four other children who are all younger than 7 years old. Child Protective Services now is caring for her other children.

Neighbors wonder if Detroit girl's death could have been prevented

People living at the Martin Luther King Apartments say this is a death that could have been avoided.

"That little girl, every time I go to school every morning, when I take my daughter to school, that little girl went up to me and gave me a hug," said neighbor Dion Carter.

Carter said police had been at the home several times.

"I know they got that stuff on record. Look at the file, how many times were police here? There have been times when the door was wide open and the kids were in there by themselves," he said.

While no charges have been announced, the mother is expected to be arraigned sometime this week.

Neighbors, family and friends have left stuffed animals on the apartment's porch.

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