Detroit music store owner's stray bullet hits man outside

DETROIT - A Detroit music store owner fired his gun Friday when he thought someone inside the store was up to no good, Detroit police said.

His gunshot missed that person, went through the store window and struck a man outside in the head.

This shooting originally was reported as a botched robbery in which the owner fired at intruders. However, upon further review, Detroit police say the story has changed.

The man who was an apparent bystander was in critical condition but later died at the hospital. The store owner is being questioned by police.

Stacey Kim was driving along Fenkell Street when the gunshot came from the music store.

"All I heard was a bang," said Kim. "I was scared. I was just like, 'I can't do this.'"

Detectives told Local 4 the man inside the store ducked and the bullet missed him, came out the front window, striking a man standing in front of the store in the head.

"I saw the man fall to the ground," Kim said.

The controversial shooting brought neighbors to the scene posing questions such as if this was a robbery, or was the innocent bystander just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"What if it was my child?" asked Kim.

It's not clear what the person inside was up to.

DJ's R-US is on Fenkell Street near Appoline Street.

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