Detroit native killed in Las Vegas shooting, crash

Michael Boldon was driving taxi which was struck by another vehicle, caught fire

DETROIT - Three people were killed Thursday in a shooting and fiery car crash on the Las Vegas Strip, and among the dead is Detroit native Michael Boldon.

Boldon, 62, was driving the taxi cab which was struck by a Maserati. The cab caught fire after the collision, killing Boldon and a passenger in his cab.

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Before the crash, the Maserati had been struck with bullets from a Range Rover. The vehicle then ran a red light and struck Boldon's cab in the intersection.

At least six other people were injured. Police have been searching for the Range Rover.

The driver of the Maserati also died.

"That is the most devastating part for me, it's how he passed away," said Boldon's brother, Carl Boldon. "From my understanding, from the force of the vehicle that the cab just burst into flames, and he and the passenger weren't able to get out of there."

Boldon recently moved to Las Vegas for work. He got into the city's taxi cab business. His family is trying to make sense of it all. It's extremely difficult to understand why such a hard-working, devoted family man had to die in such a tragic way.

"He was just a fun-loving guy. He would bend over backwards for you and for his friends," said his brother.

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