Detroit Police Chief says virtual precincts are gone

Precinct offices are now open 24 hours

By Tom Okress - Producer
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Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Monday the department's virtual precincts ended Sunday, and all precincts are now open 24 hours

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the department's virtual precincts are history.

The virtual precincts were implemented earlier this year, requiring city residents to call a special phone number to report non-emergency incidents between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m.

The virtual precincts were designed to move more officers away from desk work and onto the street for patrols.

The concept met with disapproval from many city residents.

When James Craig became police chief earlier this month, he said ending the virtual precinct plan was a priority.

Monday evening, Chief Craig said the virtual precincts ended Sunday and that police precincts were back to 24-hour operation.

"I want to make sure the precincts in the neighborhoods are open because those are safe havens for our community. We want to make sure that if a community member is out at night and they want to get somewhere safe, maybe they are being followed, I want them to be able to go into a police precinct parking lot, walk inside and talk to the police," Craig said.

The police chief said more changes are coming to the department. They would be announced in coming days.

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