Detroit Police Department auctioning off seized items

Items up for grabs Saturday morning at Auction Block on Greenfield Road in Detroit


The Detroit Police Department is holding its equivalent of a garage sale on Saturday with an auction of seized items.

The auction includes everything from power tools to clothing, jewelry and collectibles.

Doors open at 10 a.m. at the Auction Block, which is at 12660 Greenfield Road on Detroit's west side.

The items will be up for grabs starting at 11 a.m. All bids start at $5.

Visitors to the Auction Block will find something special and unique.

Several items that were used as props in the filming of the late Whitney Houston's movie "Sparkle" are for sale.

Obie Moore, president of the Auction Block, said t hose items are priced at $25 with the money raised going to Habitat for Humanity.

"100% and they are not asking a lot for it. These are not asking for the large paintings or the furniture and the other different stage props that they use. It's very little money and a great value and you get a little piece of history," Moore said.

Some reality TV producers are showing interest in the bi-monthly auctions that feature the items seized in Detroit police raids.

The Auction Block includes a flea market that sells home goods donated to Habitat for Humanity. Obie Moore said the flea market helps recycle those items.

"The purest form of recycling is resale, and that is what we do here,"

Money from flea market sales goes to Habitat for Humanity.

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