Detroit police: Mental health of homeowner who reported shooting will be evaluated

DETROIT - Detroit police say a man who initially called to report shooting someone who had broken into his house has been taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

Officers, including SWAT, were called to the man's home on Goddard Avenue just before noon on Thursday the report that he had shot the intruder.

"Somebody tried to break into his house and he believes he shot him. He thought the man was bleeding to death," said neighbor Sarina Jackson. "He thinks he's truly hurt somebody. He's so scared.We're talking to him, ‘Just put the gun down and call the cops.'"

But police said there doesn't appear to have been any forced entry and no blood was found. A gun was recovered, but it wasn't immediately clear if it had been fired, police said.

A small amount of cocaine and marijuana were found in the man's home.

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