Detroit police track down stolen goods after thief leaves behind trail of prints in snow

Thief ransacks home, drags TVs out to nearby vacant home

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - All the snow the Detroit area is getting in recent weeks isn't all that bad.

In at least one case, it helped Detroit police track down stolen goods.

Only Local 4 News showed you on Local 4 News morning Thursday how Mr. and Mrs. Brown were moving into their new apartment at 14th Avenue and Martin Luther King on the city's west side. They were moving in around 3 p.m. Tuesday and a man was watching them.  

Mr. Brown is recovering from a stroke, Mrs. Brown is in a wheelchair. 

The next thing the couple knows, the man is standing in their apartment.

They didn't even have time to unpack, the burglar was doing that for them by ransacking their belongings. 

The man took valuables and two flat screen televisions.

Members of the Detroit Police Gang Squad arrived. They went from an open side window and followed some odd tracks in the snow.

It was clear that the thief couldn't carry the televisions, so he dragged them through the snow creating a clear and easy path to follow.


The path lead to a vacant house next door. That's where gang squad members found the televisions.

They also got the name of the man who has been allowed to squat at the home by the home's owner.

Police are now looking for him.

The Brown's weren't hurt.

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