Detroit potentially missing hundreds of municipal license plates

By Jamie Edmonds - Sports anchor/reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

DETROIT - The Detroit Public Schools Community District is disputing the rumors that hundreds of municipal license plates have gone missing.

The municipal plates are identifiable by the "X" in the middle. 

Municipal plates might not be on the radar of many people, but they're important to public agencies, like police, fire and public schools.

There's a one-time $13 fee and they never expire. There are no renewal fees and they aren't attached to any vehicle's identification number, or VIN, so the plates are interchangeable. Unlike a standard license plate, there's no way to track them.

The secretary of state said the DPSCD had 674 municipal plates issued to them.

"Decades ago, the district had 130,000 students at one point," said DPSCD communications director Chrystal Wilson."That required more vehicles and more buses, and in the last decade the district has downsized."

Now, DPSCD only uses about 100 vehicles. An audit is currently underway to find out where the remaining plates could be.

Wilson told the Detroit Free Press the district is not missing 560 plates and several were found during the audit already. 

She blames confusion during the emergency management time frame for the issue.

"At that particular time there were a lot of moving parts and several emergency managers within that duration," Wilson said. "And as a result, the buses and the plates were not decommissioned properly."


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